software for digital color separation

From your images automatically create multichannel color separations.. use it for changing colorways.. create rotogravure printing screens.. using colorimetric separation approach.. changing color recipes of industrial processes or digital printers

What is ColorSplitter?

ColorSplitter is a plugin of Colibri, which allows to process an image, turning it into separate color channels.
When it comes to color separation, we think of the features of programs, which are able to build separations based on CMYK profiles, for any image defined in color spaces like Lab, RGB, etc.
ColorSplitter overcomes this limitation, allowing the separation of an image into any number of channels, using colors defined by the operator.

Why ColorSplitter?

The color separation is, in screen printing and in rotogravure, the most expensive operation in terms of time, requesting, among other things, highly qualified operators.
When we decided to develop ColorSplitter, we didn’t want to do without specialized workers creating separations: on the contrary, the program serves mainly the designer, who can, using his own experience, manage projects more efficiently, reducing the time and costs of development.
This allows you to spend more time studying prototypes, generating more colorways, allowing you to increase the capacity of the proposal.

How ColorSplitter work?

The best way to understand how the program works is to explain an example.
ColorSplitter contains many more functions than those used in this example, which has the sole purpose of explaining the automatisms;
the use of many other image manipulation functions before and after, on separate channels, allows for filtering, cleaning, colors and/or areas transport between channels etc.